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The Importance of Sunscreen

Now more than ever, people realize the dangers associated with overexposure to sunlight. UV rays can cause age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Research has also found that overexposure to the sun can hinder your body’s immune system.

Protection Year-Round

To protect your skin from sun damage, it is essential to cover up as much as possible and to wear a strong sunscreen when you are outside. These steps are important regardless of your skin type or color.

Not only will sunscreen protect your skin from harmful rays, but it will also keep your skin soft, supple and young-looking. Sunscreen accomplishes this by maintaining your skin’s hydration, which will prevent it from getting dry or chaffed. It is best to use sunscreen year-round, even when it’s cloudy or overcast.

Protection While Tanning

If you love to suntan, you need to make sure that you always apply sunscreen first. There are several lotions and ointments available that will allow you to get the tan you want without letting the harmful rays damage your skin.

Proper Use of Sunscreen

Sunscreen must be applied to any skin that is exposed. This will likely include your upper body, arms, neck, ears and face. It may also include your legs, stomach and back depending upon your outdoor attire. You want to be extra diligent when choosing a facial sunscreen to ensure the product will not clog your pores.

There are many sunscreens that are gentle on the skin, yet strong enough to use on your nose, ears and face. Talk to us today about what you can do to prevent – and even reverse – sun damage.

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