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How to Rebuild Skin Collagen Without Needles

The slow of collagen production in the skin is a hallmark of the aging process. The ability to produce new collagen fibers is slowed, while the existing fibers break down. This results in common signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. While injections and fillers are…


Get sick less through these three better eating tips

You are more likely to get sick when you are exposed to germs, viral outbreaks or even other people who are harboring an illness through touch or airborne exposure to germs. With just a few adjustments to your daily routine and diet, you can help to reduce or even eliminate…


Five superfoods to make a super you!

A lot of good and healthy food choices are out there, but are you aware of a special category of foods found in nature called superfoods? Calorie thin and nutrient dense, superfoods pack a lot of punch in terms of goodness. In fact, the top five are those which are…


Three must-have vitamins

Many people do understand the link between a healthy body and healthy skin. Feeding the body the right nutrients is the key to having healthy skin. Below are three must-have vitamins that everyone should get in their diets: Vitamin A Vitamin A can be found in broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, yogurt,…


Vitamins to take at age 40

Let's face it:  Being older and looking older are two very different things.  How can you mature in years without looking it? While hair can be colored and wardrobes can be updated to make one look younger, a person's skin can often reveal the secret of carefully hidden maturity. Covering…