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Top three things you should incorporate into your diet daily

A well balanced, well rounded and nutritionally complete diet is one of the best methods of ensuring total body health. As you eat the right foods regularly you'll look and feel better. Your skin, nails and hair also draw nutrients from the foods you eat and thus making sure you…


5 ways to make your hair grow longer, faster

Remember the little ads in the back of teen magazines claiming to grow your hair longer, faster?  For some women, having long, luxurious hair is their number one wish to improve their appearance.  In fact, the options for hairstyles with longer hair outnumber those of shorter hair, giving you a…


Hair Washing – How much is too much?

Many people shampoo their hair daily as part of their normal shower routine. However, washing too often can make hair dull looking and uncooperative. Unless you're working with extremely oily hair, every other day should be plenty. African-Americans and those with curly hair could easily go even longer between washings.…