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Things you can do to stop sagging skin today

It's not that getting older is so bad, with age comes wisdom; however we don't necessarily need our sagging skin to reveal how much wisdom we actually have. Well, that can be changed without needing to spend a lot of money or go under the knife. Sagging Skin is Thirsty…


Which parts of your body should you exfoliate and why?

Exfoliating helps keep your skin clean, healthy and looking radiant. Removing dead skin cells and dry patches is one reason exfoliation remains one of the best beauty techniques that anyone can do on their own. Below we will discuss the value in exfoliating certain areas of the body regularly and…


Can mushrooms improve your skin?

While we encourage our patients to use our products to improve skin, eating healthy is essential to better skin care as well. ¬†One such skincare miracle food is mushrooms, a tasty side dish or recipe ingredient that, when used in skin care products, can produce amazing results. Shiitake mushrooms have…