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Mohs Surgery: Minimally Invasive, High Cure Rates

The next step in cancer therapy (with remarkably high cure rates) Not all skin cancer surgery has to be invasive. Mohs is one great exception and it’s transforming how doctors fight cancer. What it is? Mohs is quickly becoming the most effective technique for removing two of the most common…


Cancer fighting minerals: Prevent cancer and improve overall health

Many people know that vitamins and some herbs can help fight cancer, but some minerals help prevent cancer as well as just keeping you feeling your best all around. What are they? We're so glad you asked! Copper is a trace mineral, and although it's known for strengthening the blood…


Signs you should get a doctor to look at your mole

Your mole could be a unique beauty mark, an unsightly growth...or a major health concern.  How can you tell the difference?  First, see a medical professional, such as a dermatologist or your primary care physician. First, you should always make an appointment to see a medical professional.  But, there are…