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Sweat much? FDA-approved treatments for hyperhidrosis

The medical condition known as hyperhidrosis is marred by having unsightly and uncomfortable underarm sweating that occurs profusely and is typically not controlled through the use of antiperspirants.

This condition can be bothersome, as some people with hyperhidrosis sweat so frequently and so much that they sweat right through their clothing and even through underarm shields that are made to absorb excess sweat.

Various underlying medical conditions, ranging from stress to lung disease, can trigger incidents of hyperhidrosis.  So how do we get to the root cause of the condition while also treating the symptoms?

Though FDA approved medication such as glycopyrrolate can be taken to combat the condition, the side effects may prove to be too much for some people to handle; however, don’t sweat it (pun intended); other approved treatments may hold the key to living without embarrassing underarm sweat.

Lontophoresis, a medical procedure that uses electrical currents to prevent sweat glands from producing sweat (approved by the FDA for mild cases of hyperhidrosis).

Botox, mostly known for its wrinkle fighting abilities, has also been FDA approved to treat hyperhidrosis and blocks nerves and nerve endings that trigger sweating when injected into the underarm.  This treatment is temporary, just as it is with smoothing out wrinkles, so repeated visits are necessary to maintain results.

If antiperspirants aren’t doing the trick, talk with your provider about your options for treating hyperhidrosis and end the discomfort and embarrassment.

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