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Sugar and Aging – Why They Are Related

Sugar will make a body age. It happens over a long period of time, but it does happen. There are chemical reactions when sugar molecules bond with fat and protein molecules. This bonding is called caramelization in cooking terms. When this reaction occurs, the protein molecules start bonding together, which is called Glycation. This type of reaction will make tissues become stiff and when that happens they can not function as well. Cataracts happen because of the stiffening of the eye lens. If there is a large concentration of sugar in the blood, Glycation will occur. The cross linking between sugar molecules and protein can cause not only aging in the body, but cardiovascular disease as well. It is important to keep your sugar levels from spiking.

Women with diabetes sustain a high sugar level, which in turn can cause Alzheimer’s disease, vascular tightening, cataracts, pancreas, and liver problems. When the body isn’t as healthy as it should be, the aging process happens a lot faster.

Steer clear of white sugar. High fructose corn syrup and simple carbohydrates can improve the rate and speed in which Glycation occurs. Glycation is going to happen, even when eating fruits, vegetables and other foods like brown rice, but it will happen at a much slower rate. Cutting out or moderating the intake of any food that is high on the Glycemic Index would be the best option.

High blood sugar is a silent, long term problem. Most women don’t even realize they have high blood sugar until they develop a potential life threatening complication. By then, it might be too late to reverse the effects.

Slow down the aging process now by saying goodbye to ‘bad’ sugars.

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