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Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis is a common skin problem that affects primarily women but occasionally men or children. Perioral refers to the area around the mouth and dermatitis indicates a rash or irritation of the skin. It commonly affects the mouth area but may also affect the skin around the nose, eyes and or cheeks.   There are small red bumps, mild peeling, and sometimes burning and itching. This disease can often look like acne. Hormones, sunlight and stress may worsen the condition however the disease is not fully understood. Successful treatment may include oral antibiotics like tetracycline and or topical medicated creams. Topical cortisone creams should be avoided for long periods of time due to the potential for worsening after it is stopped.  It is important to avoid irritating moisturizers, fluoride toothpaste, cinnamon flavoring and or tartar control toothpastes as these may worsen the disease and may make it more difficult to treat. Perioral Dermatitis has a propensity to recur.

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