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Mohs Surgery: Minimally Invasive, High Cure Rates

The next step in cancer therapy (with remarkably high cure rates)

Not all skin cancer surgery has to be invasive. Mohs is one great exception and it’s transforming how doctors fight cancer.

What it is?

Mohs is quickly becoming the most effective technique for removing two of the most common types of skin cancers, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It also has the highest recovery rate and a 99 percent cure rate for new skin cancers (95 percent for recurrent).

How is Mohs different?

Unlike traditional procedures Mohs removes the smallest amount of healthy tissue, minimizes scaring, and maintains skin’s overall appearance. Doctors examine tissue during surgery instead of waiting for a pathology report after surgery. This diagnose-and-identify approach gets rid of the need to guesstimate how deep the cancer goes and how much to remove.

What’s the process?

Mohs is an outpatient procedure with a minimally invasive approach (local anesthesia instead of general), which helps with a rapid recovery, and depending on a patient’s procedure, little to no down time.

Is it right for you?

There are some areas on the body where preserving the greatest amount of healthy skin is essential. Maximizing healthy tissue becomes cosmetically important with areas on the face such as the ears, eyes, nose and lips. But, other areas can also be candidates for Mohs especially if the existing cancer has a higher risk of spreading, reoccurring or destroying tissue.

More questions about Mohs? Don’t hesitate to call us! We’re here to inform you and help you make the best decision. If Mohs is the right choice for you Dr. Duane Whitaker, one of the nations’ leading Mohs surgeons, is available for in-house consults and surgeries.

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