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Fruits That Reduce Skin Redness

Redness of the skin can be anywhere on the body. It can have a number of causes, such as sunburn, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Certain fruits may have a calming effect on the skin and are able to reduce visible redness. These fruits can either be eaten or mashed to form a paste for topical application.

Papaya contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants. These nutrients help to reduce the appearance of acne and facial redness. As an added benefit, the antioxidants and flavonoids found in papaya fight the signs of aging.

Berries, such as blackberries, cherries, and blueberries help reduce swelling and redness because they constrict blood vessels.

Lemon juice can even out the tone of the skin, especially when applied directly to the face. Pour a small amount of undiluted lemon juice onto a cotton ball to use it as an astringent.

Pineapple is rich in bromelian, a natural exfoliator known to cleanse the skin. Bromelian heals sun damage and reduces swelling, two of the major causes of skin redness.

Cucumber slices can be placed directly on the skin. They help to calm and soothe the skin, as well as restore tissue. This makes cucumber helpful in cooling and healing the skin after sunburn.

Strawberries are also high in vitamin C, just like papaya. In addition, strawberries naturally contain salicylic acid. This is the active ingredient in many skin care products that clean and exfoliate the skin. It can clear clogged pores and reduce redness.

Bananas contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils. They work as a natural toner to even out the skin and soothe redness and swelling. Bananas are often used with avocado because of their similar qualities.

Redness is an irritation of the skin. Fruits that calm and soothe the skin can reduce the swelling and visible red color while helping to heal the underlying cause of the redness.

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  1. Harvey Lee says:

    I’m so glad to find this article. I was searching some natural ways to treat my face redness so this article can be great for me. Thanks for sharing.