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Freckles – So Cute, But Also Dangerous!

For the fair complected, freckles are easily seen on the skin because a freckle is an area of concentrated skin pigment. If you have freckles, it runs in your family and this trait becomes prominent with exposure to the sun. Whether you are fair-skinned or not, you are more susceptible to damage from UV rays if you have a lot of freckles. It’s important that you are consistent with your sunscreen and avoid overexposure to the sun.

Too often freckles are confused with brown spots that may potentially be cancerous. Your dermatologist can diagnose these spots and test them to see if it should be removed. If you are fair-skinned and have freckles then you are at a higher risk for skin cancer and you must take extra care of your skin – whether the sun is shining or not. The more freckles you see, the more you need to avoid UV rays and protect yourself.

Laser treatments are effective if you would rather have any freckles removed. A freckle can be removed in one or two laser sessions. Although less effective, there are creams available that fade your freckles. Chemical peels are another option and can help even out the color in your skin and improve your overall skin tone.

Freckles should be cherished, which means they need protection. Protect yourself with sunscreen and avoid UV rays whenever possible. Your skin health depends on it.

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