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Dry Skin/Xerosis/Atopic Dermatitis/Allergic Dermatitis

This is a skin condition characterized by dry, itchy inflamed skin.  Most commonly found on the inside of the arms, back of the knees and chronically rubbed areas like the armpits, hips and ankles. The major symptom of this disease is severe itching.  Often times this disease is worsened by allergies including food, chemical and/or environmental.  This disease can commonly be found in conjunction with patients with a history of allergies and/or asthma. Some of the most common triggers include nickel, propylene glycol, fragrance mix, parabens, lanolin, wheat, milk, corn, citrus foods and many others.  The treatment plan is to control inflammation and dehydration that causes dry skin while repairing the barrier function of the skin to lessen the risk of having a flare.

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