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Three oils that will make you feel better

Teenagers have been told for decades that avoiding greasy, fried foods will keep acne at bay. The line of reasoning always was that ingesting oil would cause the skin to secrete oil causing pimples. The truth is the skin has its own oil glands which work overtime during the teen…


How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels reduce the appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. When applied to your face, neck and chest, it peels away the dull top layer of your skin and its many blemishes. Your skin has a natural exfoliating tendency. This means that healthy, normal skin will flake off…


Common acne triggers and how to avoid them

If you are having a breakout of acne on your face, then chances are you have done something to help cause the acne breakout. To prevent further breakouts, it is important to understand common acne triggers and learn how you can avoid them. One good way to avoid acne is…


Why a skin care professional can help you fight acne faster

Acne is not solely problematic for teens. Half of all women in their twenties face sporadic bouts of acne, and a quarter of forty-somethings still fight acne while keeping up with their Botox treatments, according to a report published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Topical drugstore…


Scar Wars: Five tips for reducing Acne Scars

It may not always be possible to eliminate acne scars, but it is possible to reduce their appearance considerably if they are treated early and regularly in the right way.Here are five tips for reducing acne scars.1. Eat a healthy diet. Acne scars are skin damage, but human bodies are…