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About us

Ahwatukee Skin & Laser provides both general and cosmetic dermatology services to patients of all ages. We pride ourselves on providing premium skin care with an honest attentive approach. We are leaders in skin cancer surveillance and in designing preventative skin care regimens.

We provide a full complement of clinical and esthetic services and treatments including skin cancer surveillance exams, acne evaluations including natural alternatives to oral antibiotics and topical medications, anti aging skin care regimens and a focus on skin health mirroring overall health and well being.

laserYour skin is the first impression to others on each and every day. Why not feel confident in it? At Ahwatukee Skin & Laser, we use a variety of products. We can assist in hand-picking products for you to ensure they will provide high-quality results while ensuring the regimen fits your lifestyle and budget. In today’s busy world, skin care regimens can be time consuming and overwhelming. In order to achieve success, we will ask that you commit to 3 simple things: cleanse, renew and protect. This can, in most cases, be achieved with as little as 2 to 3 products, taking less than 3 minutes per day to use. This, in turn, can provide healthy, glowing, youthful skin, while reducing overall risk and improving texture, tone and fine lines and wrinkles.

Good skin care does not need to cost thousands of dollars. Knowing what your goals are, and having expert guidance in picking products, will assist you in purchasing products specifically designed just for you.

We are here to help.

— Sarah Neumann, MMS, PA-C